Merchant Shipping (Certification and Manning) Rules

The Merchant Shipping (Certification & Manning) Rules consist of 16 Parts. The Rules have been developed pursuant to Section 9 of the Mongolia Merchant Shipping (Ship Registration) Regulations, mainly detailing Mongolia compliance with STCW95 Convention.

The Rules cover manning requirements, fraud, forgery and misrepresentation in certifications and documentation, responsibilities of shipowners, medical fitness requirements, investigations, minimum training requirements in order to serve on Mongolian ships, duties in watch keeping and miscellaneous issues that deal with ship operations.

The document(with annexes listed below) is available for download here.

Annex NoAnnex Title
Annex 1
Certificate of Recognition/Endorsement
Dangerous Cargoes Endorsement Certificate
Exemption / Dispensation Certificate
Annex 2
Mongolia Manning Scale
Annex 3
Table of Qualification under Chapter V/2 and V/3
Annex 4
Records Kept by Director (COE, DCE, Dispensation, Medical, Seaman's Identification Book)
Annex 5
Medical Form and Doctor's Declaration
Annex 6
Watch Keeping on Mongolia Vessels

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